Friday, February 11, 2011


For Chloe
For Porter
For Zach

I made these very easy and fun crayon rolls for the kids for Valentine's Day. Hopefully they will like them. My goal was to have these for know how it is...someone took the crayon that I was going to use. Now they each have there own. Jaxon will get one eventually when he stops eating them..


Michael said...


The Bruton Bunch said...

You did a great job on those Val - really cute fabric too.

Christina said...

Okay--- you are too talented!!! I need to make those for my kids for church too! We have that problem every week. You'll have to teach me. Are they easy? You did an awesome job!

I'm SO sorry I don't have your temple to you!!! Ugggh! I CANNOT find a place to spray paint right now!! It's driving me crazy! I'm such a procrastinator and now it's so dang cold!

Rebecca said...

Love it! I will be calling to get the directions.


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