Friday, October 23, 2009


After our Super Saturday was over you would have thought that I would be sick of crafting...I guess not...I had a lot of things to finish up and I am finally done with them...It is amazing how much you can accomplish when a new baby is going to arrive.

The scarecrow doorhanger was a fun R.S. midweek activity we did in September.
The blocks I have had for a long time and finally did something with them.
The tree was a Super Saturday project that I am glad I completed that same day.
The snowman was one that I ordered and finally got it all put together.


Christina said...

Oh my heck, Val. You are SO CRAFTY!!!! Please teach me how to make those. Seriously, I want every one of them!

Rebecca said...

So cute! I have a really great idea for you to use next super Saturday - an easy fabric pumkin.


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